ADK has an automated update system which will update itself to the latest version (if available) on every launch

Lastest Version

Download: ADK v1.0.5.8 Stable

Released: 12-5-2019

MD5: dec95209221b8bc288d97f3aefcda40c

Old Version

Download: ADK v1.0.4.6 Alpha

Released: 3-1-2019

MD5: d5985f1cd520b423b86e904810c77a96

Download: ADK v1.0.4.4 Stable

Released: 28-12-2018

MD5: bff7c3af7ff9fda4bdc44e30860f0861

Download: ADK v1.0.2.2 Stable

Released: 3-07-2018

MD5: a7008e856e4ba89811808c7df6f69e2c

Download: ADK v0.9.7.0 Stable

Released: 19-06-2018

MD5: 2cfb1a62fe9877b53deace0da709f80f

Latest Changelog

status: STABLE (full installer)

*Added: Quick Access to view currently & recently opened files.
*Added: MD5 hash generator tool.
*Added: Work-way to globalise ADK project settings system-wide.
*Updated: Work-way to build-install-run project at single click.
*Fix: Bugs while opening ADK for first time.
*Fix: Deodex tool error of not detecting Android model.

status: STABLE (online installer)

*Added: Help lines shows in output to tell user what he is doing.
*Added: Support for Android 9.0 images.
*Added: Built-in Deodexer plugin supporting deodexing till Android 9.
*Added: Plugin Boot-Animation downloader containing 50+ animations to choose from.
*Updated: ADK Context plugin supporting Payload.bin and file_contexts.bin, read here
*Updated: Some minor updates & Fixes
*Fix: Bugs in generating file_contexts from Oreo images, view complete changelog

Note: Do not try to change the date of your system thinking that you will extend your trial period that’s rubbish. If you do so ADK will put you in blacklist and then you can never ever launch ADK without license key inshort you then have to compulsary buy it.