Android Development Kit

Reverse Engineering Kit : For Editing Android AppFor Modifying ROMAnd Much more...

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What is ADK?

Android Development Kit (ADK) is best solution for reverse engineering apps, modifying firmwares, etc. With ADK you can almost do anything simply and efficiently. The Idea behind this project is to provide newbies a good set of tools at one place for doing almost anything with Android.



Modifying Apps, Editing Firmwares never been so easy with proper syntax highlighter and a Perfect elegant GUI

Non-Complex IDE

A Proper Straightforward Non-Complex IDE for new user as well as advance peoples so as to reduce complexity while working

Bundled Tools

ADK is packed with sets of tools to make modding task even more easier. Deodexing ROM, Signing tool, Build Prop Edit & much more..

Lots of Mods

ADK also contains lots of mods, tweaks for all types of project providing developers a super natural environment for reverse engineering